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Amazing read... 

I absolutely loved this book!!! I felt like I knew the characters personally. Annette & Jay; I was cheering on for them since the moment they met. 
The ending made my heart happy


Loved this book 

This was the first book that I have read of C.D. Blue. I will be reading all of her material. She has become one of my favorite authors! This book was fiyah!!! All I know is, I NEED an Omar in my life. I loved him from the jump! C.D. described all of the characters to the T. I can see this being a movie. Thank you CD!



Christine Blue, you are now in my top 5 women authors! Insidious Sins has left me speechless! I thought everything was getting wrapped up in a nice box for the HEA and you throw in a major monkey wrench!

I just know there is more to come right?!?!?


I loved this book! The character growth and the depths of the relationships kept me engrossed. I have to say I have been Team Zay from the beginning and I am glad he and Annette have a real love!! I pray there is a book 5!

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Great read !!!!! 

I loved the plot and all of the colorful characters. Family secrets can tear a family apart !!!!!! A must read you will be turning pages to see what happens next. Tell a friend .

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