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If your child was kidnapped and harmed, what would you do?

When Reina Baudoin goes missing from a University, her parents make their way to Alabama to find out what has happened to their beloved daughter. Reina’s mother relies on her faith for strength, while her dad, OSCAR, has other ideas.

When the people responsible for Reina’s disappearance begin turning up dead, one by one, Oscar questions his disbelief in the legends of his family’s diabolical nature. The police don’t believe in coincidences but they can’t tie Oscar to the murders. Unwilling to shrug it off as the streets taking care of its own, Detectives Cooper and Sharp are determined to solve the crimes.

Did Reina’s frantic call to her ancestor’s bring on deadly consequences? Is Oscar behind the deaths of the suspects? The police may never know the answers to those questions, but the criminals who harmed Reina are about to find out that they picked the wrong family to mess with.

The Eyes of Death cover.jpg

If somebody hurt your only child,

What would YOU do?

Call on GOD to forgive the trespassers?


Call on the ANCESTORS for vengeance?


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